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General Forum Rules

  • Be nice. The occasional argument happens, but make sure to keep it civil!
  • Please refrain from breaking the Zetaboards terms of service or the Zetaboards terms of use. We aren't interested in having the site shut down.
  • If you are below 13, please do note that you will not be allowed to send or recieve PMs, nor engage in shoutbox chat and are ineligible for Veteran Roleplayer status or any staff position until you're thirteen.
  • If you ask to be staff and there are no applications open, you will be put on a permanent, undisclosed blacklist that will prevent you from becoming site staff.
  • Please refrain from discussing controversial subjects in OOC. ICly characters can have arguments about controversial subjects, but make sure you keep the line between IC and OOC clear.
  • Have fun!

Roleplaying Forum Rules
Since this is a roleplaying forum, these rules are the most important by far.

  • Roleplaying is kinda like sex. Consent is a necessity.
  • Everyone is the hero of their own story. Don't try and become the protagonist of everyone else's story.
  • Keep your posts engaging. When you post, try to make it so that others can respond.
  • There is no paragraph minimum! This is because some one-liners can be easy to respond to, and some novels are not so much.
  • No powerplaying (taking control of another person's character) or metagaming (using OOC knowledge to do things IC) or retconning (erasing past events, the past is the past). Godmodding (being OP) is allowed as long as it's otherwise well-written, and the character is inherently sufficiently powerful.
  • If the starter of the topic doesn't state their preference for style, then assume that book format/prose is preferred.
  • Keep IC and OOC separate.
  • Zany RPs are permitted! This universe that I built is inherently bizarre due to the nature of crossovers, so take advantage of this chaos!
  • Again! Have fun!

Character Profile Rules

  • When you apply for a canon character in any fandom, make sure you spell their name right. A few typos are forgivable, but misspelling the character's name or where they come from or not knowing what the character does (even if a bit irrelevant in this setting) is not as forgivable.
  • If you apply for an OC, keep this rule of thumb in mind: if they're more powerful than a Lovecraftian God, then you shouldn't play it.
  • If you don't play as a character for a certain length of time, and someone asks me if they can be that character, I'll ask you if you are still interested if you are RPing as that character. Saying yes doesn't necessarily guarantee that you'll keep your character.
  • If you haven't RPed in two weeks, your characters will be available to claim by new players. You will be given a warning that your character will be forfeited if you don't RP with the character via e-mail. If a second warning is required for that particular character, you will lose the character.
  • If you don't want the above to happen when you're on vacation, you can either announce your vacation publically, and/or you can pray to Araylea to hope that none of that happens to you.

Shoutbox rules

  • This is for OOC chat only. Considering how zany that the RP is potentially going to get, crack RPs are going to be the norm. We don't need it bleeding over into the shoutbox.
  • There is no limit to how many shouts in a row you can make, but don't make it your personal blog.

OOC forums rules

  • There are IC sections for your roleplaying needs. Please don't take your roleplaying to the OOC sections.

Blog Rules

  • Blogs serve two roles: to be a place to put more self-contained stories of your characters, and for OOC announcements.
  • Please mark each blog post as either IC or OOC.